Customer Service

We Take Pride In Our Products & Services

Customer Service

At ImaginableCreations.coom, we pride ourselves in the hard work and loyalty we give to our customers. We always make sure you get the shirt you asked for, with the color and size you asked for the very first time.

Never Boring…

Custom Creations ~ No Charge!

Part of our Mission Statement is to provide you with the best quality creations and CUSTOM creations at no charge (within reason), so if you have something you want to see, or have seen and want to see what we can do, just contact us. We love to make those one of a kind creations – Limited only by your Imagination but NO CHARGE DESIGN!


Special Deadlines

When it comes to Christmas and major holidays, we try to post the deadlines and be upfront with you on what to expect. If you are unsure if your shirt will arrive in time you can always contact us and we are happy to help. Also make sure to check our FAQ page for shipping and processing times.  Ask us, we will let you know what we know.

Be Happy With Your Order

We try to get it right the first time!

We do everything we can to make sure you get the product you expect, but make sure you read our FAQ page and do your part by checking sizing and colors…if you have questions or want somethign changed,  just contact us, and we will do it. Ask questions before you order, we want to make sure you get the product you want the first time!

Get In Touch

Contact Us and see how quickly we get back in touch – it never takes us more than 24 hours to respond to your inquiry and requests!

Our customers mean the world to us and we want to thank you!

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